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Short Term Rehabilitation Bronx

Short Term Rehabilitation Bronx

Are you planning on requiring Short Term Rehabilitation Bronx? Are you scheduled to have surgery for a hip, knee or joint replacement? Consider Morris Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center. This is a wonderful, caring and compassionate center for rehabilitation that provides you with a dynamic therapy department. Here, you will have one on one physical, and occupational therapies to help you regain, relearn and strengthen your ability to function.

With Short Term Rehabilitation Bronx, you will make strides in your recovery at your own rate which is a realistic goal. You will have a comprehensive as well as customized care plan where you will receive support, inspiration and success. Call today and speak with the admissions representative at 718 231-4300 and ask to come and take a tour. Come and see the state of the art gym where miracles happen on a daily basis. Visit and see the rooms that are comfortable and offer you space for mobility as well as ambulation.

Morris Park Rehabilitation & Nursing Center is just minutes from New York City for ease of family and friend’s visitation. This center for Short Term Rehabilitation Bronx, is where you can meet your goals of returning home to a more independent lifestyle. Visit their website for more general information by clicking on the attached link .

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