Morris Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center


Patient Age: 105
How the patient heard about Morris Park Nursing Home: Hospital Case Manager
Date of Admission: 07/11/2018
Admitting Diagnoses: S/p fall with left hip pain, Left inferior and superior pubic rami fractures.
Date of Facility Discharge: 08/23/2018
Discharge Location: Home with Home Care Services
Total Length of Stay: 6 wks.
Weight upon Admission: 106 lbs.
Weight upon Discharge: 106.4 lbs.

Gloria was admitted from Jacobi Hospital to Morris Park Nursing and Rehabilitation Center on 07/10/18. Upon entering the facility, Gloria received a warm welcome to in order to make her feel comfortable and at home. A welcome basket awaited her at her bedside and its contents included was a comb, a hair brush, a toothbrush and toothpaste, body lotion, non-skid socks, and even a small teddy bear. Gloria was introduced to the interdisciplinary team responsible for her care which included the nursing supervisor, charge nurse, CNA who would be assisting and accommodating her needs, the rehabilitation staff, the recreational staff who assist with psychosocial needs, the dietary staff who provided a well-balanced nutritional plan, primary care doctor, and the Administrator.

The rehab therapist did a comprehensive chart review to obtain clinical information regarding Gloria in order to provide specialized care that is client centered. Krunal the physical therapist and Jonald the occupational therapist were able to perform an evaluation to gather baseline information and prior level of functioning. Before being hospitalized Gloria lived with son in a private house on the first floor with 7 steps to enter. She was independent with basic activities of daily living and ambulated independently with a cane. At baseline functioning, Gloria presented with impaired range of motions in her legs, general muscle weakness in arms and legs, pain level (9/10) in pelvic region which she described as discomforting, distressing and excruciating. Gloria required set-up with self-feeding, mod assist with grooming, max assist with bathing, max assist x2 with self-toileting, mod assist with UB dressing, total assist with LB dressing, bed mobility max assist, and was non-ambulatory. From all of the information gathered from both Gloria’s history and the evaluation, we were able to develop a treatment plan centered on Gloria’s needs. Short term and long term goals were designed to maximize Gloria’s rehab potential to return back into the community with applicable services.

While in the facility, Gloria attended therapy for 2hrs/day for 6 days/ week. In therapy, Gloria’s plan of treatment focused on facilitating sitting tolerance and postural control, improving motor control/tone in UE/LE, increasing safety awareness, facilitating (I) w/ADLs and assessing safety and functional tasks of choice, increasing coordination, increasing functional activity tolerance, increasing UE/LE ROM and strength, preventing muscle atrophy and pain management, and ongoing patient/caregiver education. In order to help maximize Gloria’s functional potential, an array of tools and techniques were utilized including, but not limited to, Diathermy, Electrical Stimulation, Manual Stimulation, Neuromuscular Re-education, and Sensory Integration Techniques.

Gloria succeeded in reaching her goals and was ultimately discharged to her home with supported home health services in August of 2018. From the beginning of her journey to the very end of her journey, Gloria’s functional levels improved drastically—she was now able to use the restroom, dress herself, perform functional transfers, and ambulate with stand by assist. It is safe to say that Gloria made progress by leaps and bounds that not even she could envision when just starting out her rehabilitation mission.


MISSION: Lead, educate, and evaluate all nursing operations and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team to ensure efficient and compassionate delivery of resident care.


IN OTHER WORDS: Oversee every detail of nursing to make sure you get the care you need.


BACKGROUND: Bachelor’s in Nursing with a postgraduate degree in Maternal & Child Health. Over 30 years of experience as a nurse (more than 20 years in long-term care!) Certified in PRI, MDS, ACLS/BCLS, and Infection Control.


I TAKE PRIDE IN: my leadership skills. An effective leader adapts to each person’s needs — directing, teaching, supporting, and delegating, depending on each staff member’s level of competence and commitment. Most importantly, an effective leader communicates, making sure the listener hears them by speaking in their language.

Working in this setting has made me realize this is where I belong. As a nurse, nothing is more fulfilling than seeing your patient heal and improve, day by day. In long-term care, residents come to us in their most vulnerable state and stay for a long time. This gives us a chance to build meaningful relationships with them so that when they’re ready to leave, they’ve become our family.


MISSION: Manage all aspects of the rehabilitation department. Coordinate with all therapy disciplines to ensure superlative delivery of care.


IN OTHER WORDS: Ensure every patient gets a customized, effective rehab plan that works.


BACKGROUND: Bachelor in Physical Therapy. Masters in Sports Science. 8 years experience in skilled nursing facilities, providing therapy to patients with a wide range of diagnoses.


I TAKE PRIDE IN: my ability to relate to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Honestly, Morris Park feels like a second home. The staff is very close-knit, and we share a common goal: make the facility feel like home for our residents.


MISSION: Assess proposed admissions for appropriate placement, consulting with nursing, administrative, and therapy personnel as needed. Provide facility tours for prospective clients and families.


IN OTHER WORDS: Make your transition to Morris Park as smooth and comfortable as possible.


BACKGROUND: Extensive experience in concierge services for seniors.


I TAKE PRIDE IN: my professionalism and broad knowledge base in my department. I am always willing to go the extra mile.

It’s a pleasure being part of Morris Park’s success. Seeing our residents transition in such a positive way fills my heart with joy.


MISSION: Hire & retain exceptional staff members, oversee their training and quality scores, and cultivate an overall culture of cooperation and respect.


IN OTHER WORDS: Develop and implement smooth processes so all you notice is the harmony of a well-oiled (and completely compliant) team. Create and nurture an environment where staff, residents, and the community at large work to understand each other, despite our differences.


BACKGROUND: MS in Human Resources Management with 25+ years of human resources experience in a variety of industries (media & entertainment, healthcare and pharmaceutical).


I TAKE PRIDE IN: my ability to listen. Facts are important, but sometimes it’s more important to listen and try to understand what someone is feeling in order to help them find the best possible solution.

I love being a resource and safe space for employees. Knowing I can make a difference, provide comfort or simply put a smile on someone’s face makes it all worthwhile. It’s more than simply leading; it’s leading with heart. My door is always open. Stop by anytime!