The trick to aging gracefully is to enjoy it.

At Morris Park, we believe our residents deserve a rich recreational program that stimulates the mind and body, all week long.

Engaging Activities

Residents enjoy an array of entertaining games and classes. Some favorites: Bingo, Karaoke, art workshops, ice cream parties, Pokeno, Zumba and gentle aerobics.

Weekly Religious Services

Religious residents find deep relevance in our worship & pastoral care. We offer services ministered by leaders of multiple denominations, including weekly Jewish services, Catholic Mass, 7th Day Adventist, and Baptist services. During holiday seasons, we celebrate with special services for all denominations.

Resident Council

We know that communication is key to ensuring 100% satisfaction. At our monthly Resident Council meeting, residents share with senior staff members any issues they’ve experienced or anything they’d like to see added to the program.

Targeted Alzheimer’s Program

Seniors with dementia need carefully selected activities to keep key brain areas active. For maximum stimulation, residents of our Alzheimer’s unit enjoy weekly music and aromatherapy, as well as therapeutic pet visits.

Warm, Inviting Staff

Every resident stands to gain from our program’s social and cognitive benefits. For increased socialization and participation, our recreational staff takes the time to assist and direct residents.

A sampling of program favorites:

Annual Holiday Party!

At last year’s especially meaningful veteran-themed bash, a costumed Santa Claus distributed special blankets to all veterans, embroidered with the symbol of the division in which they served.

Saturday family & friends BBQ


a gentle-but-high-energy class that is especially popular among our Spanish speakers.

Makeover Time:

residents treat themselves to a glamorous session by a professional makeup artist.

Spanish Club:

a tight-knit weekly group meeting where Spanish-speaking residents delight in shared culture and memories.

Special Outings:

monthly trips to shopping centers & restaurants.
Check out a sample of our calendar of events here.