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When you’ve lost the ability to do basic tasks—walk, eat, or bathe independently—the frustration can be enormous.
You need to regain your independence, quickly and effectively.
Our seasoned therapists have only one goal: get you back to yourself, safely. In a rehab gym open 6 days a week, their single-minded dedication yields an astoundingly high turnover—and we’re thrilled to see our residents head home the minute they can.


In our spacious rehabilitation room, compassionate therapists service residents with the most current skills and equipment.


2,200 square foot gym for dedicated use by Morris Park’s rehab residents.

Your life, your skills.

How do we create customized rehab plans? Our therapists conduct a comprehensive intake with each patient and family, asking questions like: where are you experiencing challenge? What bothers you most? And which skills will you need to thrive at home?

Unequaled frequency.

You can expect intensive rehab at Morris Park: residents get therapy 6 days a week, in a gym that’s open Monday - Saturday.

Breathe easy.

Residents being weaned off artificial life-support or suffering from pulmonary disorders require specialized rehabilitation. Our licensed respiratory therapists offer an assortment of treatments, including oxygen therapy, tracheostomy care, BiPap/CPAP therapy, and oral suctioning.

Ongoing collaboration.

Our social service professionals are in constant contact with the rehab team. From the initial intake to the final discharge, communication is plentiful and steady, allowing our social workers to ensure your comfort throughout the process—and ease your transition back home.

Krunal Bhatt, PT, MS, Director of Rehab

With a Masters in Sports Science, nearly 10 years experience in skilled nursing facilities, and eight post-graduate certifications, Krunal Bhatt is uniquely qualified to lead a winning team of speech, occupational, and physical therapists. Friendly, approachable, and passionate about his work, Mr. Bhatt is laser-focused on meeting goals—and empowering residents to return home.

New for 2017!



We are delighted to welcome Dr. Marc Silverman to the Morris Park family.

Director of Sports Medicine at St. Barnabas Hospital and Orthopedic Consultant at Fordham University, Dr. Silverman brings to Morris Park a profound expertise in knee and shoulder surgery, developed over 20 years of consulting in nursing facilities and rehab centers.

Resident Surgeon at the US Open for many years and a frequent guest on television and radio, including the NBC Today Show, he is currently on the teaching staff at the NYU School of Medicine, New York Medical College, and NYCOM.

At Morris Park, Dr. Silverman ensures that residents who require orthopedic surgeries, including knee replacements, will receive expert, customized care—and enjoy a complete, lasting recovery.